What to Take to the Beach: Boca Clips!

What to Take to the Beach: Boca Clips!

For many folks, summertime often includes a beach trip! If you are pooped this year & too tired to even think about what you need to pack, I have included a list of things to remember/consider below! Recently, I found a new item I don’t usually think about when I’m packing for the beach, but it seems like a really handy tool. Boca Clips makes a clip for your towel to keep it in place on your beach chair/lounger and clips to help keep your sarong or towel in place on your body! They are fairly inexpensive & come in really festive designs like the parrot, flamingo, and flip flip styles seen below.  Of course, since this is a “creativite-thinking” blog – I must mention there are tons of ways to make this yourself!

These flamingo clips keep your towel from slipping off the back of the chair.

Get the Right Clip: Various types of clips (besides the flimsy clothespin) can be found at your home improvement store. Look for something with really good grip. Get a lightweight clip if your going to wear it as a sarong or towel clip. If you’re using it for a towel-to-chair clip, it doesn’t matter if it’s light-weight. In fact, you might want it to be a little heavy so it can withstand the wind and the weight of the water you it will accumulate from being at the beach.




Get Creative: Hand Paint, Spray Paint, …..Think about the water/sand factor when personalizing your clip.

This flip flop clip keeps your swimsuit cover in the right place. Say that 3 times fast….















Lip Balm (with sunscreen)
Aloe Vera (for aftercare)

Your Own Umbrella if needed
Your Own Chair if needed
Boca Clip for Chair, Towel
Floaties, noodles, boards…..

Swimsuit Covers: Sarongs, T-shirts
Boca Clip for Swimsuit Covers
Rubber Flip Flops, Water Shoes
Beach Bags – Waterproof –
Waterproof Pouch/Bag for your phones, ipods, etc.
Consider figuring out a way to lock your bag (use combination locks through loops or get a lock-able bag…)

Cooler with ice
snacks (non-melty)
Drinks – Don’t forget water! Also, check your beach’s rules about alcohol.


Have FUN & Be SAFE!

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  1. Susie
    Jun 18, 2012

    One week too late with this post, Kami! I did see some of these clips holding the towels in the chairs and wished I had some. It was really windy! Need them for my next trip….. Great idea!

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