What are Creepers?

What are Creepers?

I recently went to purchase baby diapers for a baby shower & found myself standing in the middle of the diaper aisle staring at sizes that didn’t make any sense in prices that seemed overwhelmingly high.  After about 2 minutes of trying on my own to find the right thing, I enlisted the help of some nearby newborn parents who had their sleeping bundle of joy wrapped up & placed in one of those giant toy car buggies.  “My friend is having a baby – what should I get?” I said.  “You’re going to want to get  N for newborn,” replied the mother.  I said, “Won’t they grow out of those pretty quickly?”  She told me the box I picked up wouldn’t even last them a week.  Then the husband who looked like he hadn’t slept in months said, “Having extras will help with the blowouts. ….AND THERE WILL BE BLOWOUTS.”

I tell that story, because I don’t know all the crazy stuff that goes with baby life –  like why we say a child is 36 months…. when it clearly 3.  🙂 I am just kidding – that’s an extreme case….  Other terms like Onesies, binkies, boppies, booties, and booger suckers I have kind of picked up over the years from being around them.  However, I recently visited a church that had an interesting sign that caught me more off guard than any other baby slang I’d heard before….

Did I just park near a creeper?

Creepers?  At first glance this area is designated for people with babies & CREEPERS.  🙂  Hopefully that’s not it.  I have looked it  up & haven’t quite found an answer.  Here are the possibilities I found.  If you know anything about this – comment!  ‘Lord knows it might clear up some confusion here!





1. Small children who are learning to walk?

2. Children who have on a specific outfit called a creeper (like a onesie)?

3. Is it some sort of stroller?

4.Is it a wheel chair type thing? Disclaimer – this isn’t meant to be a hurtful topic, rather an educational one! Comment if you know something we don’t! 🙂 

5.  According to Merriam-Webster it could be any plant that “creeps”, a one-piece garment for an infant, a cradle, a metal frame with spikes that attaches to shoes for walking around ice, or a grappling device for rivers or lakes.  ….The FIRST definition is: “one who creeps.”

I just hope it’s not for the creepers mentioned in the urban dictionary. 🙂

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  1. Laura
    Sep 11, 2012

    I totally know this one! Creepers are in that stage between crawling and walking. They are walking, but it is still not their primary mode of locomotion. Josie just graduated from the creeper room at her daycare. I thought it was pretty funny the first time I heard it too.

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