Unique Ways to Organize Jewelry: Tennis Racket!

Unique Ways to Organize Jewelry: Tennis Racket!

When I come home,  I am tired, & my jewelry sometimes ends up wherever it lands.  I read somewhere that “everything has to have its place” or it will end up in a catch-all spot …. or several catch-all spots in the house.  It’s not that I don’t have jewelry boxes or little compartment-like things I have tried over the years – it’s accessibility.  A lot of times we give something a “place to live,” but it’s not a realistic place for “our” lifestyle.  For example – I used to keep my bed linens in a cabinet – at the top….. where I couldn’t reach it. Consequently, the frequency of linen washing dropped, because it was too much trouble.  Jewelry often has odd shape, size, & hardware, making it difficult to find proper storage that’s easy to access! If it’s all in separate places with drawers & compartments, you can’t find where that one turquoise ring went…..

Enter the tennis racket…..You can place it all over the racket, customizing so size & shape doesn’t matter.  You can also SEE everything, making accessory choice a quick event.  It might even be a free organization option if you have an old tennis racket in the attic!


Where to find an old tennis rack for cheap:

~Your own house

~Ask family & friends

~Goodwill/Thrift Stores

~Yard Sales

~Right now the stores are flooded with backyard entertainment accessories in the sporting good departments near the pool stuff.  You might find a fiber glass/plastic one $1-$5.

~Don’t get stuck on “tennis.” Racquet Ball, Badminton; Hang up the net! …….Traditional Snowshoes (better check attics for these!)


Make it work for you: 

~Slap on a coat of paint, bedazzle it, whatever!

~saw off the handle & just use the ovals – nail them up to make a flower design

~connect the ovals vertically & hang from a hook to make it a turning feature – double the space!

~ Get suitable “S” hooks for bracelets & necklaces – or make your own

~Earrings that have backs – See through pockets or saches …. ‘Maybe keep them separate… Utilize storage you already have for them….

Cheap, Funky, Accessible, Time-saving, and Super-Functional!

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