Unique Gift for Any Occasion: The Gurgle Pot

Unique Gift for Any Occasion: The Gurgle Pot

If you happen to be in the market for a gift to give that is unique & will be something the recipient will never forget (& be sure to think of you every time they use it)- go Gurgle Pot.  The “Gurgle Pot” is a fish-shaped pitcher (mostly used for water) that when tipped for pouring makes a fantastically cheery gurgling sound that puts a smile on your guests’ face every time.   Matt Ellison, the creator of the gurgle pot, started making them after seeing (and hearing) something just like it at a dinner in France.  He’s built a company out of it that produces them in many colors & can ship all over the world! Look around – they might even be in stores in your area.

This would be a good gift for:

~Weddings (showers, teas, ….)

~House Warming Parties – even graduates who are moving out on their own

~Dinner Parties (for the host)


~Mother’s Day

~Encouragement gift for folks who are embarking on a healthier lifestyle

~Farewell Gift for Moving Friends

~…Yourself – because they are super-fantastic, & maybe you’ll drink more water if it makes you laugh, too!


Check out Ellison’s Website here.  It will even play you a sample of the gurgling sound!

The Gurgle Pot: An entertainment tool that not only serves your guests with a thirst-quencher, but a heaping dose of laughter, too!


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