Unique Garnish: Purple Chive Blossoms!

Unique Garnish: Purple Chive Blossoms!

If you plant chives in your garden they will come back each year, because they are perrenial, meaning they will live longer than two years.  Right about this time of year, they are sprouting blossoms that are a beautiful purple shade that is eye-catching in your landscape!  They are also EDIBLE!

They resemble a small snowballs that produce petals that are about the size of a hole-punch when you pinch them off.  This makes for a fabulous opportunity for sprinkling your dishes with a confetti-like garnish that has a very sweet onion taste and a color we rarely get to use in our dishes – PURPLE!

Here, we used them to add color & flavor to our onions & peppers for cheddar brats on the grill!  This would be perfect for spring and summer salads (like chicken salad or strawberry pecan!) that uses onion!  Why not add them to your canning this summer?!  Drop them in there WHOLE to add a purple punch to your regular pickle jar!

I would suggest these purple petals be used in a “just-before-serving” sort of garnish, because once cooked/heated, their color & size are barely noticeable.


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