Touchscreen Devices: Why is My Thumb Hurting?

Touchscreen Devices: Why is My Thumb Hurting?

If you are an avid & consistent touchscreen phone or listening device user, you might consider limiting your daily time on your device.  All too quickly, you may notice you have some slight discomfort in your thumb. I looked it up & some folks are calling it  “Iphone Thumb” or “Blackberry Thumb”.  This is similar to “Skier’s Thumb” – basically, a thumb condition created by continual overuse of a specific muscles.  Why blog about this?  Well…. I’ve had something similar happen on five occasions.   Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  If you have my same problem – look it up – there are a lot of articles about this rapidly growing circumstance!

1.  I was hooked to a golfing video game one snowy Christmas & my thumb went numb whilst playing…..

2. I get a plantar fasciitis flare up every now & then if I wear uncomfortable shoes and do lots of walking. (repetitive motion over a long period of time)

3. I pulled a pinky playing the piano…. with a little too much “rock’n’roll” once.  Maybe twice.

4. I overstressed a wrist during an out-of-control ukulele playing session once.

5. I have an Ipod Touch that I use often….. and I recently noticed weird discomfort in my thumb.

‘Turns out all four are related.  They all involve sudden excessive fine movements by a body part that is not use to it.  Having dealt with plantar fasciitis in a successful way, I have devised a plan.


A doctor told me to do these types of things to relieve the plantar fasciitis – so I applied some of these things to the other occasions, & was able to relieve the strain.  If it hurts REALLLLY bad, you should totally go to a doctor. I’m just sharing what I have found.

Rest.  No more using the thumb to do all those “fine movements.” Once it feels better, I’ll be on a closely monitored schedule. I’ve also dragged out the brace to make sure I know my thumb is resting – even when I’m asleep.

Ice.  This will lessen swelling…..about 20 min. a day – no more.

Stretch.  I am going to try to do more of this gal’s stretches – later – after I’ve had some rest.

Anti-Inflammatory.  Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. to “Anti-Inflame the area.”  I was told to do this for my plantar fasciitis.

Accoutrements. I read a few sites that mentioned a glove that supports the thumb, but the jury is out on whether or not this one is specifically for the motion of touchscreen usage. (Smart Glove:


I will report back to you – hopefully soon!

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