Things to do in March!

Things to do in March!

February is Album Writing Month….so what is your March going to be? March is almost here, so “getting out & about” will soon be on your mind! Since the “staycation” trend is alive & well due to our economy, it’s time to look at your community calendar so you don’t miss anything exciting!

~St. Patrick’s Day! Local restaurants, pubs, and churches very well might have their schedules posted so you can see what’s available.  Irish Fests pop up all over the place & are already planned.  As we get closer to the holiday, I’ll be sharing some things you can do to celebrate!

Irish Festivals

~Spring Break?  What are the free things in your city that you could get into? Wilderness Lodging, cabins, and camping “might” be something you can do in March – especially in TN (Apparently, we’re skipping winter!). Do the things in your city (or nearby) that you’ve always said you wanted to do!…..especially if they’re free!

~Festivals & Markets!Local & surrounding areas – an hour drive might lead you to a unique  experience!  Spring lends itself to art and rebirth of beauty – so arts & craft festivals will pop up everywhere in the next month! Also – maybe you can get into some art of your own!

Churches sponsor lots of springtime festivals & activities!


~Nature!  GET OUT!  Hiking, walking, biking, get your garden ready for planting later…..It’s not too hot to do all the hard work! Whatever you do – cure those winter blues ASAP with some heavy doses of sunshine!




~Spring cleaning….HA!  J Seriously, it’s okay if you want to do this, too!  Tear open the curtains, air out your house, and freshen up!  Maybe even take this month to do some re-decorating!




Weird March Holidays I found today……

I want you to be happy day – March 3

Get over it day – March 9

Panic Day – March 9

National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day – March 13

International Fanny Pack Day – Second Saturday

Check your batteries Day – March 14

Pi Day – March 14

Save A Spider Day – March 14

Lips Appreciation Day – March 16

Everything You Do Is Right Day – March 16

Lets Laugh day- March 19

Snowman Burning Day – March 20

Great American Meat Out Day – March 20

Proposal Day – March 20

As Young As You Feel Day – March 22

International Goof-Off Day – March 22

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – March 26

Hot Tub Day – March 28

Weed Appreciation Day? Really? – March 28

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