The Evolution of the Corsage

The Evolution of the Corsage

I went to a wedding recently & was given a beautiful mini calla lily to place on my dress.  I said to the florist, “I am glad I wore this lace top – I won’t have to worry about holes!”  She smiled & pointed out that I actually don’t have a pin – I have a tiny magnet on the back!  Of, course – I took a picture. Having had family who has worked in the florist world,  I bet over half of my family knows how to make a corsage and correctly apply it to an outfit. Now that we live in an age where special events like weddings, religious occasions, etc. are being created by the host in a homemade way, the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking items for the corsage!  This little upgrade has made an enormous impact on this traditional creation.

No needles, no holes…..

These aren’t your average magnets. They are a quite strong. You can even get them pre-attached to a stem that you just wrap & design! No sticks!











How to Make a Corsage

The Main Event: flowers (any kind – think small – fake or real), herbs (like rosemary or lavender), a cotton bolt, a christmas ornament, a fishing lure!  :)….. think about your event.

Beads: tiny pearl string, beads on the end of wires to create sprig-like interest & to fill out the corsage a little,

The Background: any color tulle for a background, a tiny picture, …..whatever!

Ribbon: (any kind – to make a bow – not too big…)

2 Magnets: This one is  a small, rectangular magnet that is quite strong for its size. If the outfit is thick – you’ll need to get a good one!

Floral Tape:  It’s usually green, but they come in all colors – brown is popular in the fall! You use it to wrap the whole thing together.  You can put curly cues or shape it into something at the bottom, or even attach a small charm or bead…..



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