Super Bowl XLVI:

Super Bowl XLVI:

We are 6 Days away from Super Bowl XLVI (46)!!!! Folks, we’ve got it easy this year when it comes to making a festive superbowl party! The New York Giants & The New England Patriots are donning RED, WHITE, & BLUE, so ALL your guests will be happy with ALL of the food and all of the decorations! As long as your TV works, throwing a super bowl party will be a cinch this year!



~Invite your guests! They’ve got time & they already know what time of year it is….. 🙂

~Go ahead & get your groceries early in the week.  Whether you’re hosting or attending a party, you’ll be glad you’re not in the mess!

~Add-a-dish!  It will make it easier for you!



~It’s time to drag out those 4th of July decorations & put them out everywhere.

~If you happen to use red, white, or blue decorations at Christmas….use them. Stars, snowflakes, Christmas lights, whatever…..

~Don’t you dare do the dishes this year.  The two main colors disposable dishes feature are RED & BLUE.  ~Forks, napkins, (4th of July napkins you haven’t used up), cups, straws,……Buy blue plates – they are great for weight loss according to some research!

~Everything in the house (vases, votives, candles, picture frames, etc.) with this color scheme can be manipulated into Super Bowl magic for this one night.  J

~Fancy toothpicks with the little tinsel on top… & blue….

~Tablecloths/Placemats/cloth napkins/team shirts/sheets – cover your surfaces with anything you can find in the house with this color scheme – especially 4th of July & Christmas.  If you find nothing – local party stores have such things for $2 or less, & you can store them for the next time you need them.



*Note: Some of your guests may be allergic to some food dyes – especially reds.  Make sure you announce what’s in your creative concoctions if you add dyes or use drink mixes.

~Add-A-Dish – everybody will at least like SOMETHING!

~WANG DIP. (Easy/Cheap/Tasty Recipe coming to this site TOMORROW!)

~Anything with Buffalo Sauce.  (Even though the Buffalo Bills didn’t make it this year, it’s RED.)

~Anything with Bleu Cheese.

~Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries,……If anything – they’ll be great garnish. Grilled egg plant, roasted tomatoes

~Blue Corn Chips & Red Salsa

~Ice-cold Raspberry Hibiscus Tea (Doesn’t need much sweetener)

~Consider serving a color-themed punch

~Jell-O Shooters (red, blue, star-shaped jigglers, etc.)

~Blueberry Stilton Cheese

~Do something completely different & do BREAKFAST FOOD!? Blueberry waffles with fixin’s, anyone? Bloody Marys, ……Strawberries & Whipped Cream!

~Red Ales, Killian’s,  Sweetwater Blue’s Blueberry Infused Beer, Cranberry cocktails, …….

~It’s cold outside! Raspberry Fireball Hot Toddy! (From Last Week’s Blogs!)


…….or anything that tastes good with plenty of beverages to wash it down!


Entertaining tips:

~Write your guests’ names on their cup!

~Welcome game or something they can play throughout the night?  Football Trivia…prizes….

~Water area with cups so folks stay hydrated.

~Games for half-time?

~Get your seating planned out – pull in cushions, large pillows, mattresses, etc.  whatever it takes to get your fans in front of the tv where they are comfortable!

~Pre-game playlist of music in case your crowd isn’t into the pre-game regalia. Use it for half-time later if you need it!

~Be mindful of pets.  They don’t need to eat everything off the floor.  That’s your vacuum cleaner’s job.

~Be mindful of children – sometimes they don’t understand why football isn’t in cartoon form. Cue up a movie or video games to make it a cool night for them. ‘Don’t have those?  Ask your guests to have their kids throw in their favorite things & bring them to the party!

~If you know someone is coming who has special food requirements, try to add a few dishes that you know they can eat.

~Make it unique to your house. You know your guests – do what they like & find ways to make it a memorable occasion!

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