Storage Idea for Pots & Pans

Storage Idea for Pots & Pans

There’s almost never enough space for your pots, pans, & lids.  Even worse, they almost NEVER fit back in the cabinet the way you had them before you took them out……


Hanging Pan Rack:

Pros:  It utilizes vertical space that is wasted.  Also, you can get one of these with lights so you have extra spotlighting in the kitchen.

Cons: Be careful – You have to get the right size or it’ll hang too low.  If you don’t have a high ceiling or an island in the kitchen – you’ll have to duck under the thing.  If you qualify for a hanging pan rack – go online & find one CHEAP.  They can get expensive.

Do-It-Yourself Wall Hanging:

Pro:  Cheap.  It also utilizes vertical space on your wall, and can provide a piece of artwork if you get creative. All you need is a hammer and nails. If you have a lot of heavy pans, consider using anchors along with your nails to keep everything secure.


1. Get out all your pots & pans.  Bigger pots need to stay behind.  Group them on the kitchen floor by their size and color.

2. Play around with them – add a piece of artwork like this picture – until you get it how you want it.

3. Start nailing and placing each piece up there so you can guide your design.  You could use painter’s tape or masking tape to mark your spots before you nail.


No more looking for that skillet, waking a baby up with a loud crash, stacking them on the stove………

Good luck!

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