Starbucks Green Beans! (“Refreshers”)

Starbucks Green Beans! (“Refreshers”)

When you think of Starbucks, you most likely think of coffee, not green beans. They also carry various juices and teas, breakfast sandwiches, and cake pops to go along with their pastries.  Recently,  they have started offering something called a “Refresher” that is described on their menu as a “Natural energy from green coffee extracts – handcrafted with whole blackberries.” Green Coffee?  What?

Green Coffee Extracts:  As they explain it – “all coffee starts off as a green bean.” They use green Arabica coffee to make these crisp, flavorful pick-me-up & quench-my-thirst treats.

I decided to try one to get my coffee fix, fruit fix, and cool down.  I tried the Very Berry Hibiscus & it was great!  There are definitely berries floating around in there, and the fragrance is very pleasing.  It has a woodsy, tea-like refreshment with a sweet & super-fruity flavor.  It’s a little stronger than green tea, and not as strong as straight-up coffee. The Hibiscus gives it a bit of a spicy taste, as well, causing it to “taste like Kirklands smells” according to another account I heard….

I would definitely get this again…. If it wasn’t so expensive.

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  1. Sandra Trimmer
    Aug 2, 2012

    Sounds good.

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