Squeeze Out the Last of Summer with Frozen Yogurt!

Squeeze Out the Last of Summer with Frozen Yogurt!

I LOVE ICE CREAM.  I was raised to love it, & I come by my obsession honestly.  My papaw insisted the freezer contain a bucket at all times.  There’s a catch, though…..our cholesterol and sugar levels sometimes don’t “love” it like we do!  This summer I made a bit of a change – I opted for frozen yogurt a little more often when I got the cravin’. It has tons of health benefits, and it’s lower in fat than ice cream.

I remember when frozen yogurt was “all the rage” with TCBY’s popping up all over the place & Dairy Queen offering it as a substitution in their sweet treat recipes.  We didn’t frequent TCBY (because Dairy Queen was just so darn good), and that may or may not have led to it leaving our little town……..but the rage is back.  Everywhere I looked this summer, a new frozen yogurt place was opening!  I did my part for Your Creative Bone & got out there for some “field research…..”

Menchie’s, Sweet CeCe’s, and Sweet Frog all moved to my neighborhood in the last year.  They all involve the same thing – – – grab a tub, fill it with the flavors and toppings you want, and weigh it. Here’s my take on the three:

Texture: Menchie’s is more sorbet like and Sweet Frog is a little creamier.  Sweet CeCe’s is creamier like ice cream.

Toppings: Sweet Frog & Sweet CeCe’s both had more topping options than Menchie’s. All three had my favorites – the juice-filled bubble things and the rice marshmallows…..

Flavors:  This is left up to the owners of the store, so they vary…… They all carry an “original tart” flavor which is very yogurty…

Price: about the same….. There are coupons everywhere online and locally – bogo

Menchies – The green stuff is a honeydew sorbet… They nailed the flavor!

Sweet CeCe’s has a lot of extra items like chocolate-covered pretzels and cereals…They set themselves apart with these canisters —that limit lots of gross hand contact.

These little juice-filled bubbles are called “boba”. Strawberry, mango, and orange are some of the flavors you can find.

Sweet CeCe’s – watermelon, coconut, banana cream, …. all good & extra creamy!



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