Sonic’s Sweet Potato Tots Review!

Sonic’s Sweet Potato Tots Review!

Well.  It was another crazy week.  I thought it wouldn’t be, but it was.  In the process, I found a new treat to have when I feel I’ve worked hard…. the sweet potato!

When my Momma was a little girl growing up on a farm, she had to work hard – sometimes harder than adults nowadays & certainly harder than kids nowadays.  She recanted stories of after school chores to me often, but she once mentioned her favorite after school snack, and it has always stuck with me.  “My sisters and brother would run up the driveway & into the house to change into working clothes.  On the table, there’d be a dish with a towel covering.  Underneath that was our after school snack for the day.  We loved it when we’d reveal a fresh baked sweet potato – skin & all. we’d pick it up & eat it whole with our hands, just like it was a candy bar. It was a sweet as one, that’s for sure!”

Sweet potatoes are an excellent way to satisfy the sweet tooth in a healthy way! Being a lover of sweet potatoes I have tried lots of different forms of the vegetable – fries, balls, casserole, chips, cake, etc.  Sonic’s Sweet Potato Tots came out a little while ago & I decided to give them a try.  Would they be mushy?  Would they have a lot of added stuff? Would they by sweet or more on the salty side?  ………

Apparently they are grated potatoes (just like typical tots), but they don’t exactly have the same texture.  I was correct when I figured they would probably be more mushy on the inside, but they quite crispy on the outside.  It appears they have some sort of light batter (like a regular tot…. maybe beer?  again – –  VERY LIGHT.) They are sweet, but not as sweet as slathering them with butter, brown sugar, & cinnamon….. I took up close photos so you can see what they look like a little better than what is shown in the commercials.

They were TASTY! They are versatile – breakfast, lunch, dinner OR snack/dessert! Since sweet potatoes are healthy & full of vitamins, it’s a great choice for a side!  I hope they keep them on the menu permanently!

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