Shelving Options for the Non-Handy

Shelving Options for the Non-Handy

Yes, you can buy shelves from IKEA.  Yes, it’s a good idea to own a “level.”  Yes, the level is only useful if you know where it is right now. Yes, it usually takes two people to hang shelves……

No, they don’t have to be hung straight.  No, they don’t have to be grouped in identical sets.  No, they don’t even have to be made of traditional shelving material.  No, …. they don’t have to come in a box from IKEA or a store like it!

I happened upon this interesting organizational feature while shopping.  Up close, these are just bits & pieces leftover from various carpentry projects that have been painted a uniting sea green hue.  The person had a hammer & some nails – no screws involved.  The person also had one goal:  “Get these books I have stacked here – ON THE WALL.”

In what I imagined to be some sort of brain exercise/puzzle/challenge, the person started nailing the wood to the wall in ways that would support planks and eventually books.  The bottom looks like it might even be part of a desk or a kitchen counter piece.  This would be a cool desk feature. It would also be a great way to fill a small spot – where there is a wall on both sides.

I am a big vertical space user, so this immediately caught my eye.  I have been nailing things up all over the place for about a week now…..with random materials & no level!  Get creative!


crooked shelving

Scrap materials & spare paint from the garage can create something that’s functional & decorative!





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