“Ruler Top” Table (Ways to Spruce up a Table!)

“Ruler Top” Table (Ways to Spruce up a Table!)

Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen better days?  Have you recently come into a large amount of old rulers?   PERFECT! A quick way to make a funky surface on a desk, night stand, end table, kitchen table, kitchen island……. anything with a surface that needs a little TLC!

What You Need:

A bunch of rulers – all kinds, all colors – preferable wooden without the metal edge.  If you want to set dishes or things that would need a flatter surface – You’ll need to get flat rulers – not rulers with a slant on the edge. If it’s just decorative – don’t worry about it!   ‘Want colors, but the rulers your grandmother left you are all light brown? Dry brush some paint on there & then sand a little after theyre dry.

You could do a couple colors of stain & the numbers, lines, and titles will still show through.  You probably want them to dry & seal them with a clear gloss if you go that route.

Remember – it doesn’t have to look like this.  It could be plastic rulers with a bunch of retro hello kity or spiderman designs for a kids room.  If you do plastic – skip the nails & go for glue. Experiment.  No wrong answers….

Hand saw, jig saw… whatever you have.  You might have to cut a few of them to cover the surfae completely.  Plus – you might get creative and make a pattern or a design & you would need to do some trimming!

Nail Glue or Finishing Nails/Hammer: If your rulers aren’t completely flat – you might have to do nails.  If they are in pretty good shape – a thin layer of glue spread evenly all over the surface should do it.  I am a big fan of “Liquid Nails.” Add a few heavy books to anchor them & provide pressure.


How to Achieve it:

1 – If you want different colors or shades of rulers – do that first – so they will be dry.

2 – Sand, stain, or paint the other parts of the furniture.

3 – Sand the top if it is uneven.

4 – Place your rulers on there & slice ’em if they need it.  Put the pattern you’ve settled on – on the floor.  This will help you place them correctly.

5 – Thin layer of glue.  (Or get the nail & hammer ready.)

6 – Work from Top to bottom. Don’t be sporadic.  You could get off the line & end up with a couple of cracks.  Nobody wants a crack.

7 – You can seal the top with a gloss sealant – or leave as it.

ruler top table med 2

It doesn’t really have to be perfect. The imperfections will just add character. (life lesson…)

ruler top table medium 1

End tables & place that don’t have a lot of traffic like a dinner table – don’t necessarily have to be sealed. If it’s too stressful, you’re doing too much work! (life lesson #2)

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