Revamping Old Clothes: Lace Patches + Sweatshirt

Revamping Old Clothes: Lace Patches + Sweatshirt

Sometimes I wish I could just buy everything that “strikes my fancy” when I go clothes shopping.  Especially now, because the styles are so versatile.  Stores are carrying several different styles & there seems to be something for everybody now!  Even more  important than personal, individual “i don’t care what you think, I like this” style – is the almighty PRICE.  Because of this, accessories seem to be more of a priority now – More bang for your buck.  ‘Tired of trying to mix and match your accessories?  ‘Broke, but wanna spruce up your wardrobe? ‘Got an old shirt with sentimental value, but you totally can’t wear it like it is?   Here’s an idea I happened upon that is quite eye catching, easy to do at home, and super cheap….. maybe even free!


This peachy/pink shirt had strips taken out under the arm & in the back. Worn with a camisole – makes an interesting look!

Here’s a shirt that’s been cut down the back & replaced with bright orange lace!









~The Shirt: It’s a gray sweatshirt that has lime green stitching.  It’s fitted at the bottom a bit – – – like the 80s/90s – so you might find this style at a thrift store…..Does it have to be a sweatshirt? Of course, not!…. button up… turtleneck….

~Cutting the Shirt: The circles were cut out of the sleeves at the shoulder cap extending to the elbow.

~The Lace: They picked some with a thick/wide design within it (the big swirls). It’s also an off white color – which contrasts well with the dark gray. Buy it – – -or get it from another shirt you’re trying to repurpose! Maybe CURTAINS!  Even if you don’t have an old set lying around, a set of lace curtains at Goodwill might set you back a dollar.

~Cutting the Lace: The lace is cut so that it is bigger than the hole…. and attention has been paid to cutting around the swirls to give the patch a neat symmetrical shape.

~Attach with:  Hot Glue?  Sewing?  Stitch Witchery?  (No, I didn’t just fall asleep blogging…. it’s a strip of iron-on glue like stuff)

It appears the lace was cut a little wider at the top – narrowing as you go down the arm. This is a neat look, because it draws the eye upward, but not in a “shoulder-pads-straight-outta-the-80s” way.

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