Redneck Solo Cup Goblet: Unique Ways to Serve Summer Beverages!

Redneck Solo Cup Goblet: Unique Ways to Serve Summer Beverages!

I don’t know if you have seen the “Redneck Wine Glass,” but it’s basically a candlestick holder with a mason jar on top secured with  hot glue, super glue – whatever will make it stick.  I first saw them last year at a music festival being sold by a vendor for about $10.  They would be super cute for a picnic/outdoor gathering. Plus, if you keep the lid handy, guests can keep bugs out of their drinks!

Just recently, I came across something similar, but possibly for “Dirt Poor Rednecks.”  It was just a solo cup glued to the top of a candlestick holder with some twine tied in a bow around the base.  It was about $14!  This is hilarious, because those glass candlestick holders can be bought for a $1 at your local dollar tree!

You’re not gonna believe this….. but after looking up some images & finding what other people call this contraption, I found a site called Hillbilly Glassware!…..

…..Here comes the creative part!  Parties for all kinds of celebrations, tailgates, grillouts, and picnics are just a few great uses for this unique little contraption.

Make sure it’s centered…. Super glue would be better if you use solo cups. Hot glue might melt a hole in the bottom of your cup & waste your efforts!










What you need:

~Mason Jars or Solo Cups

~Glass/crystal-looking candlestick holders from the cheapest place you can find…..

~Glass Paint, Sharpees, Stickers…. Whatever works best on your surface you’ve chosen

~Wine Glass Charms (or stuff to make some), ribbon, twine,  – something for the base




Theme Ideas:

~Your favorite sports team logo

~Polka dots of the party’s color theme

~Monogram or write your guests’ names

~Funny faces/animals – you could glue some appendages on there….

~Bright colorful straws – maybe the big spiral ones!

~Jewels from the craft store…….

~Put the date on there & what the occasion was, & let guests take it home as a favor

~Let the guests MAKE/DESIGN their own! You could put them together pre-party, and make a station for them to create……

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