Pink Tortillas: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Tortillas:  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I never thought cafeteria food anywhere could make me this happy.  Hospital food, school food, …. never have I had such a smile on my face in regards to food on a plastic sectioned tray until yesterday.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had the opportunity to eat a ham & swiss wrap secured with a PINK TORTILLA and a chocolate cookie with pink M&M’s in it to match!

I see pink often these days, but I think today, this out-of-the-ordinary pink treat reminded me about monthly checks, friends who need reminders, and strong women friends who have fought this battle.  If you don’t get to enjoy something as crazy as a pink tortilla – – remember anyway.  Do what you can to remember & be aware of this senseless disease.  Take care of yourself and help others become aware.  I don’t plan on stopping after October….. or just because my next wrap might not be pink!

‘Make your own? Grab a recipe for tortillas & add a little pink food coloring!

The server didn’t know where they specifically came from. 



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