Valentine’s Day Oatmeal is Pink Hot!

Valentine’s Day Oatmeal is Pink Hot!

Valentine’s Day is next week, and the world will be covered in various shades of red & pink with hearts of all sizes adorning everything everywhere you go.  Right now, every website is recommending recipes and breakfast-in-bed ideas to treat your valentine with heart-shaped food  – cinnamon rolls, eggs, cupcakes, …….. With all the reminders of the HEART, it’s funny everything is either covered in chocolate or loaded with sugar during this holiday.

Today, I made PINK HOT OATMEAL for a tasty treat that is quick, cheap, festive, and  contributes to my health! The red hots turn the oatmeal a beautiful pink color, and a few of them added a sweet ‘n’ spicy crunch in every other bite!

Oatmeal is good for you, because it is low in fat & calories, and high protein & fiber. It is gluten-free and helps to remove bad cholesterol.  It also contains lignans that protect against heart disease & cancer. So if you’re looking to lighten up this Valentine’s Day, this might be just what you need show your valentine you really care about him/her!



~Instant Plain Oatmeal –I get “homestyle” – creamier/more fiber

~Water  (or milk)

~Heart Shaped Cinnamon candies (like Red Hots)


1. Cook the oatmeal according to the packaging or however you like it

2. Toss in about 5-10 (to your taste) Red Hots!

3. Stir together

4. Add a few heart-shaped red hots or conversation hearts to the top for a garnish!






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