Ol’ Nuke’s Red Pepper Tea for Sinus Problems

Ol’ Nuke’s Red Pepper Tea for Sinus Problems

For the last few months, it seems like most everyone I know has had to battle a “crud,” “funk” or sinus situation.  I was immune for a while, but didn’t get left out by this “lingering” nuisance.  I am feeling much better, but it has taken quite a bit of time!  Because of the holiday season, I had to buck up & fight it the old-fashioned way.  A sweet someone brewed me a pipin’ hot (and I mean hot) kettle of Red Pepper Tea and made sure I stayed put, and now I am on the mend!


Tips on how to fight sinus problems and drainage….or whatever non-flu thing this is….:

~Get over yourself.  You can’t substitute any over the counter medicine for rest. Do what you have to do to get rest.

~Netti Pot/Sinus Rinse stuff…. I’m not a doctor.  Research it to see if it’s good for you.  I used it in place of nasal sprays during the day to keep things flushed out.

~Liquids!  Drink LOTS of liquids! Get a straw – it’ll make you drink more! Broth soups are good liquids, too!

~Red Pepper Tea! (below) Game changer!  It broke up stuff in my nose and chest in just a few minutes!


Ol’ Nuke’s Red Pepper Tea

What You Need:

~Tea (a bag or loose that might be good with a little spice/kick) + water for brewing

~1/4-1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes (experiment….start small)

~honey or sugar…. whatever you like!


No matter how you brew your tea – add the red pepper flakes so they are in on the brewing process! I let it steep 10 min. with this last pot & really got the spice to come out.

It’s best if you can discard the pepper somehow.  I was served a pot that had a mesh filter.  I have tried it with a bag of “Constant Comment” (bigelow brand) and recently with some loose leaf tea – “Shanghai Orange.”

*************Sip with care: Your lips will get pretty toasty. Also, too many cups could upset a tummy, just like any type of spicy food.


Get Well Soon!


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