Life is Short. Major on the Majors…

Life is Short.  Major on the Majors…

I don’t know who actually said this, but as we get older, it’s TOTALLY true.  I haven’t blogged in a while, and it’s not because major emergency or sadness has occurred in my life, rather loved ones and friends to which I am very close.  Already once this year I found myself driving in the dark with a fuzzy monkey and a comic book in a brightly-colored bag headed for the children’s hospital………..when I had a very long to-do list & little sleep. Later, I cancelled a bunch of things to get in the car to spend time with a loved one who needed a break and a laugh.  Recently, I took off work and skipped dinner to visit the hospital, because a dear friend’s dad is dying in the hospital.


Because some things are more important than your to-do list and sometimes even more than dinner.…or blogging.

Last night, I received a text from my friend describing a conversation she had with her sister. “People always say we should live like it was our last.  I totally understand that now.  My sister said to me: I have often wondered what you would say when you get to this point (on your own deathbed), and our dad knows just what to say – I love you.”

There are all kinds of things we want to do before we die,  and there are also a lot of things we worry are going to happen.  But let’s face it, sometimes in our life – none of those things are happening to us, but they are happening to others.  Put away your cell phone & tech stuff. Cancel an appointment or sacrifice something… it forward & really “be there” for the people who need you.  They really do need you. Who knows?  You’ll probably learn something you’re supposed to learn about “life”.  Like…. “What to say when you get to this point?”

~ Are you going through something right now?  Let people help you & be there for you.

~ ‘Don’t have a friend/loved one who is going through something right now?  ….Look closely, someone had something go on at some point.  Carve out a little time to check up on them, surprise them with coffee, etc.


I’ll be back in the saddle this week…..with some interesting food reviews, a video, some interesting decorating ideas……..

 ~Have a great week!



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