Keep Calm And….. Pie?

Keep Calm And….. Pie?

I haven’t blogged in a while, and that fact is the basis of today’s blog.  As I type, I am seeing a reflection in the computer screen, and there are lovely little lines between my eyes on my forehead…… because I am thinking.  It’s my thinking face.  I learned that thinking face from my Momma & my Granny.  I am smoothing it out now & trying to consciously get rid of them physically & emotionally – – – I must have a lot on my mind.

This happens, doesn’t it?  Especially to women, I think.  (SEE!  THE THINKING!)  Thinking is obviously not a bad thing,  but I think it’s the “over-analyzing” that’s toxic.  I think the very definition of “Over-analyzing” is exactly what it sounds like:  Analyzing more than actually needed.    Even if it’s about something seemingly non-stressful – like buying a phone holder for your car in Best Buy.  That type of item is certainly easier than buying a house or a car…. but I always feel worn out & that time is wasted .  Or is it?  Maybe one’s mind NEEDS to work things out to be at peace with a decision….

I am blogging outside with coffee, trying to smooth out lines and making some to-do lists.  These days the list is including more “lunches with friends, running, bicycling, painting, etc.   My fretting over crazy healthy food trends, and the idea of spending my first week of summer meticulously trying to purge, organize, & clean a house that will NEVER be perfect……. is starting to fade.

YAY!  I just saw the lines fade, too.  It wasn’t magic – I will have to smooth them out undoubtedly 20 more times today.   I have done a little more of this during the past year, and I noticed it in different areas of my life.  Procrastination took a back seat & I would follow more rabbit trails. I would be at work or home & I’d finally give up & say “this will only take 5 min” – – – instead of arguing with myself: “I don’t have 5 min to waste on this… I need to wait until conditions are perfect…. so I can sit down and fully over-analyze & worry over this properly…….”   That’s happening to me less……So I call it “PROGRESS.”

Progress now means “ALL OF IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN TODAY.”

…and that’s really hard pill to swallow for many.  I do this with yard work.  Within 15 min I regret the trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot & am ready for ice cream.  I can hear my momma saying “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”  I now see there is more to that than just a lesson in failure.  Biting off too much or setting the bar unrealistically high makes it a quadruple whammy on your stress level.

  1. The work doesn’t get done.  
  2. You stress and have the “self-disappointment” thing going on.
  3. You resent the work & the likelihood of it getting done in a timely, more efficient manner is in the toilet now…
  4. It effects your interactions with other people AND other work you’ve got going on.  Everything else will suffer.  (Including not having pie with a friend – “cuz your garage is dirty.”

Yesterday, I had some work done on my air conditioner, and I accidentally worked on cleaning my kitchen for 3 hours.  Work I didn’t have on a to-do list…. work I didn’t hate because I didn’t know how much time it was going to take them to do their job….and I felt better, because it actually needed to be done.  I didn’t “resent” it, because it was an unexpected victory.  It was spontaneous.

Spontaneity now means “IT MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAPPEN TODAY…. and WHO CARES?!”

I do realize why PROGRESS & SPONTANEITY are hard to do at the same time.  I guess I decided that many things are in the way of enjoying life.  A lot of people are unhappy because life isn’t perfect.  They feel they can’t progress to the next level (spontaneous or not), because they’re “stuck on something.”

Now I am reminded of another one of my aforementioned traits – procrastination. To be perfectly honest – – -right now I don’t think that’s such a bad thing for some aspects of life.    The “I gotta do this NOW” mantra is killing us!    ……unless it’s having pie with a friend, seeing a movie with the significant other, playing in the mud with your kid…..


Confession:  I totally took a break during the middle of this blog to go do some work I normally hate.  Suddenly, the procrastination & spontaneity are funding my progress!

We live once.    Prioritize & LIVE!  Don’t overthink it!  (I am sure as soon as I said prioritize, readers like me got a pencil out….)

….and if you’re going to bite off too much, it had better be PIE!

Happy Summer!


  1. Susie
    Jun 3, 2014


    • Rope
      Aug 18, 2014

      Woot, I will celnaitry put this to good use!

  2. karen cragwall
    Jun 16, 2014

    Thank you, Obi Wan! Congrats you learned this 25 years or so before I did.

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