It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….. It’s a Backpack!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….. It’s a Backpack!

There’s a saying in my family regarding clothing and accessories.  For example, when you score an outfit that is super unique, my momma or grandmother would say something like: “Well, you definitely won’t meet yourself comin’!”  It pretty much means – you’re not gonna meet someone out that looks just like you.  This particular score is not an entire outfit, but it is the exact same type of “unique find.”

MadPax is a company that specializes in backpacks & lunchboxes  that could seriously get your kid psyched up about some learnin’! They have unique organizational design and are pretty durable.

They come in all kinds of styles – spiked, bubbly, stone-like, …. and no matter what the design, the kid wearing it is not going to “meet herself comin’!”

If I could go back, I would have gotten one of these backpacks. In fact, I might get one just to cheat the airlines out of baggage fees…. and maybe have some weird fun with the TSA!

Happy “Back-to-School!”

Mad Pax wall

In specialty stores or online – I found them on amazon, as well

Mad Pax blue green

Don’t worry… the spikes don’t hurt. Made with a soft, plush leather-like material made of Polyurethane. EASY TO CLEAN!!!

Mad Pax thumb

Sizes: Full, Half, Nibbler, & Mighty Bite!

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