How to Get You & Your Family to Drink More Water! Flavored Water Bar!

How to Get You & Your Family to Drink More Water! Flavored Water Bar!

Do you need to drink more water?  Do you wish your family (especially soft drink guzzlin’ kids) drank more water?  Do you have a party coming up & you want to serve something unique & healthy that keeps everyone hydrated? Are you responsible for hydrating your kid’s athletic team soon? I once new a man who wanted to make sure his kids were healthy and hydrated, so he installed a water fountain in the house.  During the summer, instead of grabbing a soft drink or whining for a kool-aid, he just pointed down the hall!

If you don’t think you can swing a water fountain……Try a water bar!  Or at the very least, make some of these up & keep them handy in the fridge for good, healthy choices!

Ideas for Fixin’s: berries, honeydew chunks, pineapple chunks, cucumbers, add “some” gatorade to give color & flavor…….

Add Herbs? Mint, rosemary, basil, allspice, star anise, lavender…..

These are WAY better if you can make them up – possibly overnight – to let all the juices get in there & marinate the water!









Serving Ideas

~Mix it up in a pitcher or two & keep in fridge!

~Get dispensers & set them on table or counters so kids will go by there & choose water first!

~Get dispensers or coolers with cups for heavy outside play…Put everyone’s name on his/her cup!

~Load these goodies up in straight in the water bottle…..

~Funny glasses, crazy straws, umbrellas…….do what you can to make them excited about drinking the water!


Grapefruits, Oranges, Limes, Lemons, ……STAR FRUIT! Hit the Produce section & get your creative “juices” flowing!!!

All kinds of berries! They will float around in there & create a cool effect AND a good taste!

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  1. Eva G
    May 1, 2014

    I am starting a water bar at a senior home….keeping my finger’s crossed

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