How to Disinfect and Repair Your Garbage Disposal

How to Disinfect and Repair Your Garbage Disposal

I didn’t grow up in a house with a disposal.  We threw away trash, had compost piles, etc. so the idea of putting food in the sink was abnormal to me for a while.  I have a house with a disposal now, and it has been a love-hate relationship. I have learned some things along the way that might be helpful out there to somebody…..


Is it stuck?  Get your allen wrenches out – decide which one fits in the hole in the center of your disposal underneath the cylinder (under sink) – & start turnin’!

‘Allen Wrench doesn’t help?  Forceps (or the equivalent) & a flashlight……. turn off your breaker before you start diggin’  if you value your fingers.

‘Anal Retentive & Want to disinfect your disposal, because you saw what was in your disposal & it is giving you nightmares?  – LIQUID PLUMR makes drain tablets that clear clogs and disinfect!  Here’s a video of how it works.  (Also – a video made with an editing app called “MAGISTO” that I recently tested. )



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  1. Sarah
    Oct 29, 2012

    Very helpful! I’ve always just poured dish soap into our’s to clean it out, didn’t know there were special thingamabob’s made for such things! 🙂

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