How to Apply Eye Shadow For Dummies

How to Apply Eye Shadow For Dummies

On May 21, 2010, Oprah Winfrey had Dolly Parton on her show for an interview.  When asked about her everyday makeup & if she would ever go out without any, Dolly replied, “Not unless my husband was dying, and I was having to run get help.”  “The only way I would be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me.” I can’t imagine taking lots of time to put on make-up, but make-up today has changed.  If you want to try something new – you can. Thanks to places like SEPHORA, it doesn’t take much time. (….Especially if you need to run for help after you’ve electrocuted your husband in the bathtub!)

Trying something new in the make-up realm can be scary – especially for folks who don’t consider themselves “creative.” Sephora, a make-up bazaar with locations all over the country, provides a place where you can try new things &  have a consult with a professional make-up artist. ‘Don’t like it – wipe it off & start over!  They have all the disposable tools & removers so you can play for hours to determine what look you’re after.

They recently released a new palette of eye shadows that take the guess work out of the process AND provide you with a little room to “color outside the lines” when it comes to beautiful & striking eyes.  They are called “Pro-Lesson Palettes” that have instructions for two styles of shadow application. If you go in the store, a consultant can help you mix it up a bit to add a few more tricks in your bag… I mean palette. This would be an awesome gift idea for tweens who are learning how to put on their own makeup!

Not sure which palette to buy?  Do not fear – they took care of that, too!  Based on your eye color & the style(s) you’d like to try – you can find anything  that can get you fixed up for a new look.

~Primer:  If you have allergies, the primer cuts down the amount of shadow that invades your eye every time you blink.

~Brushes: You need about three different types: The one you’ve got + 2 specialty brushes listed below.  I thought I could get away with it, but then I experienced what the right brush can do.    Sephora has 3 levels of brushes…. get the low one.  ‘Wanna go even cheaper?  Take a photo of the ones you want & hit up a store like Wal-Mart, Target, or your local pharmacy store like Walgreens or CVS.  You might even luck out & get a kit!

~Saving Money:   Hop on & sign up for coupons.



$28  That’s right – 6 shadows that are tailored to your needs & will last a while.

$10 Too-Faced Shadow Insurance:  On Sale for $10.

$8 Smudger for lining/blending the eyeliner

$10  Blender/All-Over Brush for lid/brows,

FREE A brush I already had for further blending

FREE Another angled brush I already had for eyeliner

– The Sephora coupon I had for 15% off certain items

– gift certificate I got for my birthday


TOTAL for fantastic eyes that are pretty much fool-proof……$0.

…….I like that number.


Check it out the “Pro-Lesson Palette” here: Sephora


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