Happy Ash Wednesday! Ideas for Lent

Happy Ash Wednesday! Ideas for Lent

Yesterday in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana thousands of people ate, drank, and took being “merry” to a whole different level until the Quarter shut down at midnight. It didn’t just happen in New Orleans – they were selling king cakes at my local grocery store in Tennessee. ¬†Traditionally, people use Fat Tuesday to get “bad habits” out of their system specifically the very habit(s) they plan on giving up for the season of Lent (Feb 22-April 5).

I’ve heard of people giving up sweets, caffeine, & junk food, but you could tweak it however you want! You don’t have to do it in preparation for the Holy Week and you don’t have to “give up”
something. ¬†You could “start” doing something that improves your life! It doesn’t have to be as drastic as FAWM – writing 14 1/2 songs in 19 days – it could be as simple as going to bed 10 min. earlier & committing to hot tea time before bed by candlelight. Get up 10 min. earlier & do yoga everyday…… Cheerios for breakfast ……..

Ideas for Lent:
~Read with your spouse/kids before bed.
~No foul language/unkind words
~No soft drinks
~A salad everyday
~No drive-thru meals
~1 meal with the family around the table everyday
~Get out in the sun everyday (yes, it’s cold…. get creative)
~Extra glass of water a day……

Whatever you decide to do or not do….. Good Luck!

“Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!” (Mae West)

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