Halloween Costume Ideas: Cracker Barrell!

Halloween Costume Ideas: Cracker Barrell!

When I think of shopping for a halloween costume, I almost never think of Cracker Barrel. However, the restaurant/store has been making changes over the last few years & has started carrying all sorts of items! ¬†Right now, the halloween stuff is out & they’re featuring some of the cutest kids’ costumes AND unique adult accessories! ¬†This is especially handy if you’re wanting to go for a classy costume with options that you can mix & match.

Bejeweled Black Cat Clips for your shoes!

Orange and black sequined witches’ hat! Big hats, small hats, clips, bows …..

My favorite – the silver spider clips for your shoes!

Fancy, embellished arm warmers to go over your sleeves! They also have spat-like leg warmers to make any shoe look like a spooky witch’s boot!

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