Glowing Rectangles Give You Popcorn Brain

Glowing Rectangles Give You Popcorn Brain

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  Why are you in front of the computer?  Read this…… & then go do something fun with SOMEONE or some activity….. OUTSIDE…… I am a big fan of technology, otherwise I wouldn’t blog.  But my blog is useless unless people actually get away from the computer & cook a new recipe, make weird stuff, or embark on new adventures!

I recently read an article that confirms what I’ve already noticed about a lot of people in my life – especially children.  The subject was technology & the controversy was its ability to change the structure of your brain to something that resembles “popcorn brain.” (CNN article here.) I’ve noticed people not being able to have a conversation that last more than 5 minutes, and the “gift of gab” as my grandmother put it, is a dying art.  A few folks I know have even texted another person while I was talking to them – in front of me.  Students are texting in classes, and spelling/basic grammar is going out the window because wdkhtcwt.  (‘just kidding.  Don’t look that up.)

Relationships: Why should kids pay more attention to their parents or teachers? At the click of a button, what isn’t interesting can be made to go away, and a new topic, photo, or live action video can take its place.  How many people on Facebook are we “actually hanging out with?” It’s not just children who fare better with sounds & video, but adults who would rather do the exact same thing over chatting with their family, friends, and co-workers. People are getting bored with their spouses and the fantastically fake internet lives are invading homes everywhere.

Financial Stuff: Losing jobs, because of time on the internet or cell phone. Problems with communicating with “real people” leads to negative attitudes & confrontations. How much is this costing us each month?  Do we need this and that and that and……..

Health: Bad Thumbs (see last week’s blog here), Death from dangerous situations involving technology usage, Inactivity, obesity, obsessive behavior, bad back from chair/couch, dry eyes, headaches and trouble sleeping from staring at a glowing rectangle.  (See this funny article in the Onion:,2747/ )



Journal your time & set up a schedule.  Think about how much time you spend on the web.  Other things in your life that take up more than two hours, get you upset & downright cranky –  doctor’s appointments, traffic, etc. Why shouldn’t this be the same?

Tech-Free Zones! There are times/activities during the day that simply need to be TECHNOLOGY FREE.  Now – I don’t mean, two people can’t fix tacos & watch a movie at home…. I mean if you are having a meal with someone, the phone needs to be on silence somewhere else.  You’re busy. Family game time, church, weddings, funerals, ……

People NEED YOU….the REAL YOU… the one they loved before technology got here. …in the FLESH.  My dog literally whines when I pick up my IPOD every now & then, & that’s when I realize he hasn’t seen me all day.  There are people in our life that don’t communicate via text – who need to be connected to us – grandparents especially. Pick up the phone!  Schedule a lunch! Again – it doesn’t need to be completely tech free – SKYPE.  SKYPE is a wonderful thing, especially if you have friends and family far away.

Start Planning! Recently, my boyfriend & I cooked dinner with a wok. (Recipe coming soon!)  We are still talking about it. Pull out your calendar & start filling your weekends with new & exciting things!

Happy Spring! I am leaving the internet to go to the park with my dog & his best bud.

A Computer Can't Play Fetch.


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