Give Your Indoor Plants a Massage & Coffee Break!

Give Your Indoor Plants a Massage & Coffee Break!

Indoor plants are on my to-do list this month as I do some spring cleaning, because they clean the air & improve your mood!   I am looking forward to this idea, but …..I’m a busy woman….who sometimes forgets to water & feed things that don’t talk – like plants.

A while back, a friend of mine gave me something I never about getting for myself – Aquaglobes.  They are these magical, fashionable glass blown water chambers that keep your plants from dying when you are on a once-a-year watering schedule like I am.

So I gave the globes a try & they really do work, because it gives them the right amount when they need it! Even a person that regularly waters, might be over-watering – so this is the perfect balance.

…..But that’s not all plants need.  According to a green-thumbed friend of mine, they need emotional care and a caffeine fix!  She says you should touch your plants every now & then – not  a massage, just in passing.  Also, a tablespoon or so of watered-down sweet tea or coke also gives them a little pick-me-up!

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