Fruit Flies & The Things We Do to Trick Them

Fruit Flies & The Things We Do to Trick Them

It’s actually quite hilarious.  If you are looking for an answer to getting rid of fruit flies – – – the first thing you do is put up all food AND put away unrefrigerated food that might be going bad (bananas, avocados, tomatoes….)  That usually fixes it in a couple of days.

HOWEVER, we as humans, myself included, seem to take joy in crafty projects that might trick these “highly intelligent” creatures. Do they work? ….. You can try them.  I did & I killed a bunch of bugs. Check out the pics & results below!


Three Options I have tried:

1. Outsource Your Troubles: Carnivorous Plants 

Check this out:

Since I didn’t “catch them in the act”…. I don’t really know if they got rid of them, or if the other things combined did the trick…..


2. The Spring Break for Fruit Flies: Wine Glass Trap

What You Need: Glass, wine, press-n-seal, knife

Pour a little wine in glass (1/4 cup or less).  Cover with Press’N’Seal. Poke tiny hole in top.  Leave on counter overnight.


3. The Red Sea Trap:  Drown ’em.

What You Need: Shallow dish, Dawn (or detergent like it), oil (any), water, candle.

Fill Dish with 1/2 inch of water.  Sprinkle some oil & some dish soap to make the water thicker, heavier.  Place Candle in Dish. The idea here is to lure them to the water with the candle – – then the water is heavy and coats their legs – – drowning them.  Yay!

fruit fly trap med 2

I did kill a bunch. It was less on my conscience… they didn’t feel anything.

fruit fly trap med 1

fruit fly trap med 3

I laugh out loud when I see this picture. I can’t tell if this was affective or natural selection.

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