‘Feeling Rebellious? Get Your Toilet a Tattoo!

‘Feeling Rebellious? Get Your Toilet a Tattoo!

Recently I had toilet seat debacle.  I basically had a broken toilet seat, and the process to replace it was a complete fiasco.  The screw broke.  After 3 tries, a sweet guest at one of my parties fixed it.  It was a learning experience, not just in the realm of toilet seat repair…… but toilet seat bling, too!

In the process of buying my first ever toilet seat, I found TOILET TATTOOS.  I was midnight shopping with a friend on the night before Tennessee’s tax-free weekend, and called her from another aisle to come see this insanity!  Giant stickers to adorn your throne!

Buy this?   Maybe. Or you could do your own!  These really don’t fit my bathroom & some of the designs are very pixellated. If you have a crack or an imperfection – or just want to change the look in your bathroom – take that thing outside and spray paint it?  Or…… paint a mural & express yourself….. 🙂


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