Edible Frosted Rose Petals

Edible Frosted Rose Petals

Right up front, I want to tell you the reason I am blogging about this today.  If you decide to do this for Valentine’s Day, it’ll be too late to search for and/or order the petals. ****The only problem with this recipe that you will run into is acquiring ORGANIC ROSE petals.  (I hate it when I get to the end of an article, blog, recipe & I find out it requires something like “get a Cambodian goat to sit on it for 30 min.”  Then I have a ton of ingredients for nothing.

‘Want to know a secret?  I did try this on some roses once that  I didn’t have positive proof they were organic – – & they were fine – especially since it was one measly petal atop a cupcake.  HOWEVER, if you are going to make some for a crowd, send to school, – you should score some organic petals in case someone is allergic to something that might be present in store-bought flowers.  Sometimes they have dyes, sprays, etc.  Where do you get them?  Try online – having them shipped to your house – inexpensive, fresh, & you don’t have to visit 100 florists in the winter time asking …..

Now…. onto the Recipe…..

This is a unique addition to add to Valentine’s Day confections, wedding cakes, or really any occasion, because roses are such a classic staple to celebration.  It’s quick, easy, and impressive.

What you need: 

~Organic Rose Petals (whatever color you like)

~Egg whites in a bowl

~Sugar in a bowl

~Basting Brush

1. Brush a light coat on the rose petals

2. Toss them around in the sugar bowl to even coat

3. Let them air dry for quite a while – till crusty.  Store in airtight container until ready for use.  Depending on your climate/house situation, you might experience with covering them – – drying in the fridge, etc.  I had to experiment a few times, because they just weren’t drying out.  You want them to be sparkledy & hard.

Adorn cupcakes, whole cakes, cheese cake, the top of your Valentine’s Day dessert,…… the sky’s the limit!

sugared roses med tray

This is a red material that came in a gift I had received the day before. I re-purposed it for a quick & easy cookie sheet makeover! Red tissue paper from Christmas will have the same effect…..

sugared roses med up close

This is a singular petal atop a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting…..

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