Eating Healthier: Make Your Own Dressing Tool

Eating Healthier: Make Your Own Dressing Tool

In a quest to eat healthier, I have added more salads to my repertoire at home.  You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to make a tasty salad that isn’t loaded down with hidden fat.  The other day someone told me they LOVED this black and bleu salad….. but it had 21 grams of fat & was really a piece of steak & a cup or so of bleu cheese…. atop a layer of green lettuce!

Trying to do better than that, I headed to the store.  I bought my favorite lettuces.  I love radicchio, boston lettuce, and anything purple….Then I headed to the dressing aisle, and looked at only the oil/vinegar based dressings. I was surprised to see so much sugar and salt! Plus – how do I pick?  What if I get bored with the one I take home today?  I don’t have the funds to buy 15 different types & the whole point is to make this entree exciting!

Enter the Pampered Chef Dressing Mixer.  It’s a container that has measurement marks all over it.  You simply pick the one you want to make – fill everything up to the marks  – & MIX!  You can make a small batch so you can do something different the next day! You control what goes in there, and of course, you can get creative with substitutions!

‘Wanna create your own?  ‘Wanna store the batches for later?

~Find some recipes that interest you & get the ingredients…

~Grab 2-3 (or however many) mason jars and a SHARPEE (or glass paint… whatever works for you)

~Make up a batchstarting with the vinegar (non-oil) ingredients – Mark the amount lines as you go.

~ Seal & Store!

‘Don’t have time for that?  Go here: Pampered Chef Dressing Mixer

Get your FAVORITE mixin’s for your salad.  If you try to adhere to rules you saw in a magazine or foods you “wished you loved” …. you won’t like your salad, and you’ll get burned out fast.

Italian, French, Asian….. basic oil, vinegar/juice, & spice recipes

The tool that fits down inside of it is like a built-in whisk – a couple of pumps and twists before each pour!


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