Campfire Quiche

Campfire Quiche

All you need are some non mutant peppers & some omelete-like ingredients. You probably think it’s an oximoron, but Campfire Quiche is classy AND rustic. (And not processed….) This has become one of the favorite breakfast item around the campfire.  It’s come in handy a few times, because it’s packed with nutrients you need for a hike or an active day around the camp site! Added bonus: It’s gluten-free. I served it with slices of watermelon & it really hit the spot.

And……. you can do this at home in your oven if camping isn’t your thing!!!!

What you need:

~Bell Peppers that can sit up in your grocery cart/buggy (it’s important they are level & not mutant situations)

~1-2 eggs per pepper

~hashbrowns (from the freezer section, southern-style; pack them in a ziploc bag)

~pico de gallo (prepacked from the grocery; produce aisle)


~Deli ham – a few slices per pepper; tear it up into pieces.

~other toppings you desire?  Be creative! Try to stay away from stuff that will add too much water or juice (mushrooms, excess onions) …. it might take too long to cook … or be down right runny.  Camping + runs of any kind = bad camping.


1. Cut the top off the peppers, remove the seeds and as much of the ribs as you can. – leave the lids to the side.

2. Layer hashbrowns, pico de gallo, deli ham, cheese

3. Crack an egg (or 2) on top. Poke the egg with a fork – – – a few times.

4. Replace lid.

5. Create a very loose foil surrounding (double foil) for the pepper.  So you can peek at the pepper as it cooks the egg. Loosely fasten it at the top. It’s going to steam…..

6. Good fire = 20 min.  Bad fire = 30 min.  Either way – monitor it until the egg is cooked.

7. Serve!  In the foil – – – or slide it out if it’s not obliterated.

Campfire Quiche med 1

Rip the ham into pieces. Here I added extra pepper and cilantro – donated from someone’s garden!

Campfire Quiche med 2

Poking the Yolk will get you to breakfast faster…..Plus, you know the egg is cooked.Food poisoning ruins camping. 🙂

Campfire Quiche thumb content 1

You’re kind of creating a dome here. The suggested double foil is so the bottom of the pepper doesn’t burn so badly.


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