Easiest DIY Water Garden & Fountain for Your Backyard!

Easiest DIY Water Garden & Fountain for Your Backyard!

Right about now, all the gardening stuff is going on sale.  Pots, hoses, plants, bug sprays, etc.  Prep for next year!  One of the things I decided to try this year was creating my own water feature for the backyard.  Of course, I did the research…… and found nothing in my budget with lots of upkeep….  That didn’t stop me! You can click on the images below to a closer view of the labels!


~Big Pot  – You could get a tin tub or just a really large planter.  NO HOLE!

~Fountain with approriate tubing – Go pick one out & then ask the guy which parts you need to get for it.

~Medium-sized rocks  – for stacking up inside the pot

~A Lily Plant – You can get a bulb or one that’s already grown out a bit from the plants section

~Small pot – for the lily – in a dark color so it blends in


~Algae control chemical

~Goldfish & Goldfish Food – optional, of course



1. Put the rocks in the pot up to the edge.

2. Assemble the fountain (put together according to instructions) on the top rock.

3. If you buy a lily bulb, put it together according to the directions.  If you bought one already assembled – put it in the bottom or 2/3 of the way down.

4. Fill up the pot with water.

5.  Follow the instructions for adding the Dechlorinator.

6. Float your new goldfish in their store bag (to get them used to the temperature) for 15 min.

7. Turn on your fountain & add your fish!

You want a BIG Pot. Place it near your outdoor electrical outlet, so you won’t have to run wires.

The idea here is to elevate the fountain just above the water. Use the rocks & the lily pot to hide your tubing.


This is what I got – it has a flower marker so you can have instant gratification. However….. it hasn’t grown any yet…. Lowe’s has a money-back guarantee on their plants!

This is what you will need for the plant assembly.

This is what it should look like when you put the lily in there.

Make sure the chemicals you buy are okay for plants and animals if you either of them.

Koi are not ideal for a small water feature…. because they will get really big.

The fish are totally optional. However, if you want to try them – these little guys set me back just 27 cents a piece!

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