Create More Work Space & Storage in Your Kitchen: Microwave Cart!

Create More Work Space & Storage in Your Kitchen: Microwave Cart!

If your kitchen is like mine, it could always use more storage and is constantly in need of de-cluttering as a result.  I’m also a big fan of open spaces – not a lot of cluttering furniture/knick-knacks.  I recently was able to fix a few of those things without spending a dime.  If you don’t have one of these, then the purchase is still very cheap!

An old microwave cart…..I have a stove now that has the microwave & ventilation system on top.  I don’t need my old microwave or the cart it was sitting on, but I have kept both just in case.  In fact, there was a time when I did some glorious cooking with tag-teaming microwaves until I made this change! I simply stored the other microwave away, exposing the beauty & possibility of this cart, and moved it to the center of the kitchen to create A MOBILE ISLAND for $0.

What This Cart Has Done For My Kitchen:

  1. Another surface to work on – I don’t have enough counter space.  I placed a paper-thin cutting board on top when I need it, and a picture frame/candle when I don’t.
  2. There are 2 shelves below – creating a space for my cookbooks AND daily vitamins, dog meds, etc.  Cookbooks have a “real” place, & not strewn all over where I can’t find them.
  3. It’s MOBILE!  It has wheels, so when I get tired of it being here, want to change the direction, or need it to go to the side for a party, it’s done!
  4. Not too big, not too small.  This particular cart is the perfect size for my kitchen. Most islands are big bulky things – even if they are mobile.  It’s not a standard “huge”.  It’s also ideal for kids who want to help out with the cooking! (Note: Consider the shelf height when you shop for one.  You might need to measure your tallest cookbook before you leave the house….)  It also preserves my love for open space, because folks can easily get around it.
  5. It matches!  It’s the right wood color with my cabinetry, table, and fan.  The top is also rectangular – just like my kitchen work area (I have more cabinets on corner than the other). If yours is more equal on both sides or wraps around in a square/equal shape, you might look for a square-top cart.  With the decoration of my cookbooks on display, it also adds a personal touch to the “look & feel” of the kitchen.
  6. Multi-use:  A place to put candle or frame, a cutting board area, a place to put drinks/food during a party, a cart for the side of the table when you need more table space at a gathering, ……
  7. Functional Garbage Can Hider: I can store my garbage can on any side of it – so it’s out-of sight AND near my cabinets for quick use.
  8. Economical – Home Depot has the usual island anywhere from $400-1300.  If you look around the same department “Carts,Islands, and Utility Tables,” you can find one like this – with an extra shelf & possibly even a door/closed part for around $30-60. …..Think outside the box – if you don’t want to spend anything, look around your house & see if there’s something else that can be converted into this plan.  It might not have wheels, but if it’s got shelves and/or is the right height  – you may have a gem already!

Inexpensive Mobile Kitchen Island with Cookbook Storage

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