Colorful Fourth of July Drinks!

Colorful Fourth of July Drinks!

I saw this on the internet at some point, and decided to give it a try.  These are my findings. It’s a science experiment, patriotic lesson, and tasty treat all rolled into 1 recipe that might make a memory for kids AND adults alike! Use your creative bone make your own!


What You Need –

1. Pick 3 drinks (a clear or white, a red, a blue) that have 3 different levels of sugar.

2. Obviously, Clear Glasses or Plastic Cups & Ice (see “Ideas” below)


Pour in This Order:

1 Ice

2 Highest Sugar Drink

3 Medium Sugar Drink

4 Lowest or No Sugar Drink


What’s in My Experiment: (in pour order)


~Cranberry Cocktail (juice section)

~A Blue Gatorade (Go for a lighter blue if you want; Must be less sugar than cranberry)

~Diet 7up




~Read the labels.  This will crash your experiment if you don’t.

~Pour Slowly!  Equal parts – eyeball it.

~Don’t Stir.  (It will turn out grayish, black – and be the least patriotic thing you’ve ever seen.)

~For the Clear/White drink: clear soft drinks are great, but you could use something like SOBE drinks that are white/creamy looking.  This just means you’ll probably have to swap out where the colors go— maybe get a red or blue colored diet drink.



~Set up a cool drink station so guests can make their own!

~Drop Blueberries and raspberries in for garnish!

~Large Crowd? A clear drink dispenser can still have this cool effect. Disclaimer – what get’s poured into the glass is the ingredient that is closest to the spout….

~Having an adult party? – experiment with sugar levels in alcohol.  Disclaimer – You don’t want dehydration to ruin your party, so be careful….

~Freeze ice cubes with a blueberry or raspberry dropped in each one.  Extra color/pizazz to each serving!

~Cool patriotic straws?

~Don’t stop there! Use this formula for other holidays & color themes!

july 4th kids drink thumb

The only blue Gatorade available on my shopping trip was this dark blue….but I like it, because it’s kind of close to the traditional navy.

july 4th kids drink pour fast

Here’s an example of pouring t0o quickly – it’s not as clear what the effect is supposed to be. Right after this picture, the kid stirred it! (It looked like a halloween drink!) She was happy & it still tasted great, so who cares?!?! Happy Fourth of July!



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    Aug 17, 2014

    Thanks for shrgina. Always good to find a real expert.

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