Closet Organization: Wall Planters

Closet Organization: Wall Planters

How many times have I cleaned out my closet in the last two years? ……. Closet storage & organization is a constant battle for a lot of folks.  Don’t try to do it all at once, or you’ll set yourself up for failure, and continue to have the occasional “Closet Cleaning Weekend, a weekend that is much better spent doing something more fun.  Break it up into smaller increments and tasks.  This way you will get the space just like you want it, and it will be an inviting place.  This “Wall Planter Turned Scarf Holder” is a cool addition.

Decorative wall planters are those “pocket-like” hanging planters that don’t necessarily have plants in them.  If you’ve got some around the house you’re tired of, you could re-purpose them.  If not, try a yard sale or Goodwill!  If you don’t like the color, don’t let that stop you…… spray paint.  You could store your scarves, bracelets, really long necklaces, belts, ………..

I once saw a planter that had “3” pockets…Look for unique designs & find something that works for you.

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