Cinnamon Roll Waffle Experiment

Cinnamon Roll Waffle Experiment

I recently had little visitors in my home & wanted to do something new for breakfast.  You’ve probably seen this recipe on pinterest, but haven’t gotten around to trying it.  It looked fool-proof, kid-friendly, and delicious.   I decided to try it recently & I am here to  report back on the experience!


What you need:

~Cinnamon Rolls:  They come in 5 or 8 count tubes from the refrigerator section.  I would suggest the JUMBO rolls – unless you want “mini-waffles”.

~Waffle Iron




1. Heat the iron.

2. Grease your waffle iron.  GREASE IT! (Don’t skimp here!)

3. Place one jumbo cinnamon roll per section on your waffle iron.

4. Close the iron  & wait around 3-5 min – – – or until the steam stops coming out.  Check after 3 min.


Serve it up! Smear the icing on the waffles (from the pack), drizzle the maple syrup all over….. YUM

WARNING:  This can leave a mess in your waffle iron.  Cleaning it immediately after might be a good idea……  I used lemon juice, vinegar, dawn, etc. to cut the crud……


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