Cheap Homemade Car Freshener

Cheap Homemade Car Freshener

I recently went on a road trip & thought I’d buy a “jasmine” car freshener in the shape of a little tree for my car from a sweet lady at the gas station.  Mistake.  Well, it wasn’t terrible – it just didn’t smell like jasmine, and I was disappointed.  It smelled like lotion/soap.  Since I have been on a few trips this summer, I decided to give the car a good cleaning out the other day, complete with a vacuum.  I wanted to add a scent, but I didn’t have time or money…… so I went to my candle drawer.  Somebody gave me a package of melty candle thingies, but didn’t give me the apparatus, therefore they are useless. …… until now!

Glade scented oil candles are refillable contraptions. The base has a magnetic clip & the candle has a metal “burning” strip in the middle that heats the wax.  Whey lit – they typically last 2-3 hours.  We’re not lighting them – we’re just letting the Southern Summer heat them up in our car……  The scent is quite concentrated. Since I’m probably never going to remember to pick up the dish, I turned one of them into my new car freshener.

What you need:

1 Package of scented oil Candles by Glade (or whoever)  $3 for a 4 pk!

Plastic cup

Drop it in the cup & put it in a cup holder! I put mine in the passenger seat cupholder in the back where rarely anyone ever sits.  It’s HOT, so it melts a little (or a lot if it’s parked in the sun), and leaves behind a nice scent that isn’t overbearing.  Total price = less than $1 for the contraption!


Drop in a disposable cup & store in a cupholder.

Re-Purposed Glade Scented Oil Candle = Car Freshener.

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  1. Bobi Zimmerman
    Sep 16, 2012

    what an awesome idea, I’m so sick of paying high prices for these car fresheners & they really only last a week or 2 if your lucky. I have heaps of these scented candles in my draw. thank you…

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