Campfire Hashbrowns “All-The-Way”

Campfire Hashbrowns “All-The-Way”

If you walk into a Waffle House on the hunt for their world famous hashbrowns, you have lots of options to dress up your hashbrowns.  Here’s a quick and easy way to cook them up any ol’ way ya like!  If you have finicky eaters, this is a way to accomodate everybody for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  Be sure to check out the shortcut tips at the bottom!

Smothered – onions (.35)  Peppered – jalapeno peppers (.65)

Covered – cheese (.35)        Capped – mushrooms (.70)

Chunked – ham (.70)            Topped – chili (.90)

Diced – tomatoes (.35)         Country – sausage gravy (.35)

“All the Way” 5.80


Campfire Hashbrowns “All-The-Way”

~Potato:  Enough to equal one small potato per pocket.  See Notes below.

~Any of the fixin’s above……

~ 1-2 tablespoons butter or margarine

~ Aluminum foil – 4 squares per pocket

~ salt/pepper/ketchup/salsa……….

1. For each pocket: Lay down two sets of 2 sheets & butter the top one of each set.

2. Arrange ingredients on one set – evenly.  Add some salt & pepper if you like….

3. Flip opposite set over & fold up the edges to seal off the pocket.  Fold all the way until you reach “ingredients’.

4. Throw on campfire grill.  When it gets a little puffy, FLIP!  About 15 min. total. Be careful when you open the pocket! It’ll be hot and steamy!

Butter/margarine in small tub in zip loc bag is less messy & sanitized than a stick floating around in your ice…..

This is one side of the pocket = 2 sheets, top one buttered. Butter it generously.

This is your other side of the pocket – buttered with ingredients placed evenly.










Fold the edges tightly – no holes! Fold up until you feel the ingredients.

~Get your cheese pre-shredded for the resealable bag or take snack sticks so the portions are divided out for you…It’ll save time, space, work, and death from bears….


























Some tips to make this super easy!

~Potato ideas to make life easier: One tiny red potato that you don’t mind chopping up finely at the campsite; A small handful of southern style hashbrowns from the freezer section will be just fine in your cooler overnight – you can place them in a ziploc…

~Onions – Green onions travel well & can be used in the rest of your meal planning.  You can also take a shortcut & get them pre-chopped in a sealed container near the pico de gallo.

~’Like Tomatoes, Onions, & Peppers?  Super Shortcut: Pick up some Pico de Gallo in the produce section! Pre-mixed, pre-diced, and sealable!

~I call this “All the Way,” but you determine what “All the Way” is….. 🙂  I’m not about to put sausage gravy AND chili on my breakfast food….. Whatever floats your boat!  Sundried tomatoes, basil, sausage, bacon….. Run with it!

~Aluminium Foil can be bought in pre-cut mini sheets. I used 4 small sheets – two on each side of the pocket.



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