Campfire Breakfasts: Smoky Peaches & Prosciutto

Campfire Breakfasts: Smoky Peaches & Prosciutto

One of my most vivid memories of learning the Italian language was trying a dish I’d never heard of called “prosciutto e melone.” Basically – it was a piece of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, commonly served cold or room temperature as an appetizer. The sweet & salty notes of two foods I had never considered combining were incredible! That experience was one of two inspirations for this unique campfire breakfast idea!
………The other inspiration? BEARS. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up after sleeping in a tent, worrying about bears, deer, bugs, etc., (haha – just kidding) I am AS HUNGRY AS A BEAR. Sometimes I can hold out a little longer, but sometimes I gotta eat fast! This particular breakfast is really easy & packed with good-for-you ingredients, especially if you might be hiking or enjoying other activities that require a protein-packed start to the day! This warm dish has those same sweet & salty notes with an unexpected SMOKY twist!



This can be made gluten free if you skip the granola.


Vanilla Yogurt (I used Greek for extra protein)
garnish if ya want…. I used a sprig of mint

1. Cut peaches in half & remove pits. Peel if ya want to!
2. Skewer those peaches & put ’em over the fire! Rotate!
3. You have options here: Lay proscuitto on foil/pie plate OR drape the slices over the peaches in the last 5 min. of cooking. This version has prosciutto cooked on foil, to make it a little semi-crispy like bacon (but not really)… See picture
4. When peaches are done to your liking – slide them off on plate.
5. Add vanilla yogurt. Sprinkle on the granola & garnish. If you Place proscuitto on the sides.

Not counting calories?  Rub the peaches down with butter. Sprinkle on some cinnamon or brown sugar, if desired, before cooking.

Campfire Peaches n Proscuitto thumb prep 1

You can skewer these OR just lay them right on grill. After they started softening, I had to ditch the skewer. Spray them if you lay them on grill to prevent sticking!

Campfire Peaches n Proscuitto thumb prep 2

You could wrap the peaches with the prosciutto…. but prosciutto can be eaten right out of the package, so it heats up & starts getting crispy really fast. Peaches take longer, so you need to add prosciutto a little later or you will end up with black’n’crispy results.

Campfire Peaches n Proscuitto thumb prep 3

‘See what I mean by “fast?” It took about five minutes to prep & I have my coffee, peaches, & prosciutto all on the same grill!

Campfire Peaches n Proscuitto med


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