Bullets Make Good Smoothies: Pumpkin Spice

Bullets Make Good Smoothies:  Pumpkin Spice

If you don’t know what a Magic Bullet is, you’re missing out!  I hate cleaning a big ‘ol blender every time I wanna do something…. and I hate having to mess up more than one dish if I can help it. The Magic Bullet will mix your smoothie & let you drink it straight from the container – and it’s not as big as a blender!

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

1/2 a banana

2 heaping tablespoons of greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

3 heaping spoonfuls of pumpkin pie filling (baking aisle) or your own mixture of pumpkin puree/spice

orange juice and/or  almond milk (or real milk) – (See picture/caption below!)


SHOOT!  (just kidding – I guess it’s just “mix,” but I was still going with the bullet theme….)

~add sugar, stevia, or honey if it’s not sweet enough for ya………..

This needs more liquids to fill in all the spaces around the solids. Fill it to the brim or you’ll get a face cramp from trying to suck your smoothie through the straw! 🙂 Mash it down if you need to!


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