Bouquets: Full Bloom is Overrated!

Bouquets: Full Bloom is Overrated!

I love fall colors!  Mums are everywhere right now & the colors are brilliant this year!  I especially love flower arrangements this time of year (being an October baby…), because the reds, oranges, and yellows are so eye-catching! Some of my favorites over the years have been  Yellow & Red  “fiery” Roses, tiny currants, orange holly, mums, and tiny orange rosebuds.  Not only do buds give a lot of contrast to the bouquet, they also can be fun to watch for a little while after you get your bouquet!

Recently, a fellow Libra friend of mine received her birthday flowers, and they came with an interesting little character, we couldn’t quite figure out.  They are basically budding flowers, but they haven’t bloomed yet, so we are in the dark.  They have brussel sprout-like bottoms and the yellow & red spikes are coming out – making them look like plant versions of “Beaker” from the Muppets.  The are yellow & red – which makes them look like fire shooting out of a green bulb.  Regardless of the other beautiful flowers, these tiny little creations clearly stole the show!

We think they are in the mum family.  Comment if you happen to be a floral fanatic.  We can’t find a clear match & the things are taking their time!

Aerial View of the biggest one on delivery….

“Beaker” or Cousin of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors?

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