Boo Boo Bling: Really Makes It “All Better!”

Boo Boo Bling: Really Makes It “All Better!”

Recently I was visiting someone’s home, and she lent me a band-aid.  My flip flops, as cute as they were, had rubbed a blister on my toe.  She reached in the cabinet, and said “What do you want – Toy Story or Cars?” I picked “Cars” (I think), and quickly put it on.  It certainly did the job, but I noticed it looked like a sticker!  My mom even asked me, “Why do you have a sticker on your foot?”  I realized I probably have had 2 fun band-aids in my life – a hot pink one in college, and this “Cars” themed bandage.  How fun was this?! I can see how these colorful cover-ups cheer up little ones after accidents.

That “Cars” sticker reminded me of another band-aid incident that didn’t involve me getting a boo boo.  I noticed a girl who had a bejeweled band-aid on her arm, and she let me take a photo.  Upon asking her where she got the decked-out disguise, she said, “I don’t know. My mom got them for me.”  Pre-Research, I started the blog,  using the phrase “Boo Boo Bling,” because that’s certainly what I would call these unique sparkly concealers I recently found.  I tried to look up different things like “Band-aid with jewels” among other titles to figure out where they came from, and I found nothing that looked exactly like this.  However, I looked up “Boo Boo Bling,” & up popped a site called “Boo Boo Bling Shop” and a link to Sephora’s “Boo Boo Bling” products.  I don’t know who actually made this one, but there are options out there – including homemade ones!

At a closer view, this is a clear bandage that has lightweight rhinestones from the craft store attached to it with a lightweight glue.   ……….Other than having to touch a sore boo boo a little, this could easily be handmade.  Keep everything super clean & sterile, and you should be able to create anything you want!

Disclaimer:  Do not go out & try to hurt yourself or others to be able to experiment with this project. (Ha!)

If laughter is the best medicine, then rhinestones are second….


  1. Your sister
    Jun 28, 2012

    Omgsh! That’s hilarious! Loved this post! Lol!!! I know some mothers who would go out and bejeweled a whole box of bandaids for their little princesses and would do it for frugality’s sake,….I however, am not one of them!

  2. Rita Sevigny
    Aug 1, 2012

    HI! I am the owner and inventor of Boo Boo Bling.
    We love your blog post and thank you for noticing us.
    We are available in Sephora as well as many smaller boutiques.
    You can also buy them at
    We are the original Boo Boo Bling TM and welcome any comments.
    Love and Bling!

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