Best Brand of Banana Pepper Rings: “Wickles’ Wicked Pepper Rings”

Best Brand of Banana Pepper Rings: “Wickles’ Wicked Pepper Rings”

Summer is HERE! If you are looking for something that you can add to cookouts & fresh summer dishes that doesn’t cost much & still wows the crowd – Wickles Banana Pepper Rings is your answer.

Versatile: They’re not just any old addition to your dish – they’re a really tasty dish that packs a punch of flavor to ANY of your dishes.  I noticed in 4 days time, I had added them to tuna salad, pizza, beans/peas (relish substitute), all kinds of sandwiches……

Just enough Sweet & Spice: I was already in love with Wickles’ Pickle relish that involves a “kick” of heat caused by the addition of red pepper.  These banana rings don’t disappoint, because they have the same “kick!”  When you find this – you’ll noticed they’re called “wicked pepper rings” – on purpose! The “sweet” fuses with the spice & almost makes you think you’re eating…. candy.

Addictive: They don’t pucker your mouth…..Not too hot, not too sweet,  & just the right amount of everything you look for in a banana pepper ring…..with a little bit of surprise!


In conclusion…. is you haven’t started grillin’ – GET TO IT!  I sure have – and Wickles’ Wicked Pepper Rings have already made the summer a grillin’ season to remember!  Check out their relish, too! ~ They are available at many grocery chains!


Happy Summer!



  1. Sandra Trimmer
    Jun 7, 2012

    I like these also.

    • Kami
      Jun 10, 2012

      Aren’t they great? We have them in a few stores here, but I found one back home when I was visitin’ my momma! 🙂 Yum!

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