Beans, Beans, They’re Good for Your Heart….

Beans, Beans, They’re Good for Your Heart….

Happy New Year!  ‘Wanna save money & be healthier? BEANS!  (Who cares about a little gas….)  Seriously, heart disease plagues Americans, and we all need to get serious about healthy proteins.  The bonus:  it’s inexpensive done this way.

My momma’s been saying this for a long time in my adult life, but like all people, we don’t hear our momma the first time.  “Have you cooked some beans?”  “What about some dried beans?”  I finally talked to her about it & discovered a great way to get my protein in without the cholesterol.

Don’t be scared.  You can dress these up with relish as a side dish, or you could make it the main attraction by adding tomato, onion, salsa, cilantro, sour cream, cheese…. side of cornbread….. served over grits…….. Go wild.

Why are beans good for your heart?

The bottom line: Your body needs protein to break down fat.  Protein like this won’t harm your cholesterol & it will help clear that bloodstream of fat – – – that’s running up your cholesterol. That’s why beans are “good for your heart.”

The perk:  THE LAST POUND OF BEANS I BOUGHT WAS 79 CENTS.  It makes a huge pot that will last. Read the recipe below on how to cook a pot of dried beans!

pinto beans ingredients med

If you’re watching your bloodsugar closely – a couple of packets of sweetener can be substituted for the sugar.

pinto beans soak med

Use the same pan for soaking & cooking. I hate dishes.










“Momma’s Dried Beans”

lb dry pintos or white beans or black eyed peas…. experiment.
tsp salt
1 tsp prepared mustard
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
2 TBS sugar or equivalent
1/4-1/2 cup canola oil
The Night Before: Put ’em in pan of water – full – over night – to swell ’em.
Good Morning!:  Strain ’em, rinse ’em, return ’em to pan.  Discard dark ones & the “husky floaters”
1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Place in big pot cover ’em with water – 2 in above the beans
3. Add the rest of the ingredients above.
4. Stir it up – place in oven, covered for 2 hours
The slow cooking process keeps ya from getting gassy….. & the mustard helps, too.  🙂


  1. Phyllis
    Jan 29, 2013

    Substitute some baking soda for part of the salt to de-gas beans. Also, Beano is a wonderful product- take a couple before eating your bowl of beans!

    • Kami
      Jan 29, 2013

      Phyllis, you are so wise. I miss you!! Thanks!

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