Bacon Pupsicles: Easiest Way to Keep Pets Hydrated

Bacon Pupsicles: Easiest Way to Keep Pets Hydrated

Dehydration is something that is detrimental to a dog no matter his/her age or size.  Summertime is when you really have to watch out for it, but also when your dog is sick – especially after vomiting or diarrhea.  Bless their hearts, they’re not like humans – we can’t just fix them a drink & say “Here, drink this.”   Sometimes they forget to drink or they feel too bad to take a drink, and sometimes they are just super “weirded out”  that you are following them around offering them water.

My pup was sick recently, and I got a little worried about his hydration.  Using the same syringe I used to administer his medicine, I shot water in his mouth every hour.  This was traumatizing.  About mid-afternoon, it hit me – an experiment was about to unfold.  What is the one thing my dog loves more than me?…. BACON.  I made some “pupsicles” & tricked my dog into drinking a boat load of water.  He was better the next morning.

These aren’t just great for sickness – make a batch of these up & keep your dogs cool & hydrated all year long! Check out this video & the recipe below!

What You Need: (pics below)

An ice tray

1 pellet of your dog’s dry food for each cube

1-2 pieces of bacon – divided into pieces

1 soft treat your dog likes – divided into pieces



1. Put 1 of each of the above ingredients into each cube/compartment.  Break up those pieces of bacon so they fit.

2. Poor water over them & freeze.


Serving Options:

~You can drop them in the bowl & let your dog chase around after them.  Con: My dog picked it up & ran into the living room with it.  It was too cold, so he dumped it out & picked it up, and the water loss was great.

~You can put a layer of foil over the ice tray, poking toothpicks through the center of each cube to create handles.  Con: You have to have time to hold the treat for your buddy, as he has no opposable thumbs.

~The Winner: Drop a couple of cubes in his/her water bowl.  He or she will lick them quite a bit, and in the pursuit of trying to pick it up, will slurp up even more water – possibly finishing the bowl to free the cube.  Whoo-hoo!!!!



The “Carry Out” treats are soft & easy to cut with a knife.


I knew I had a tray in the bottom of my freezer that I never use…..BONUS that they were fish-shaped!

I should have only cooked 1 piece. You’ll want to chop them up enough so they fit. Contrary to my pup’s beliefs, Dogs don’t need to eat a ton of bacon.


  1. Phyllis
    Jul 20, 2012

    Great idea, Kami! I will definitely try this if my pup gets dehydrated in the future!

  2. Sandra Trimmer
    Aug 2, 2012

    Lunie likes bacon, she might go for this.

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