Back-To-School: Ways to Make Lockers Functional & Fab!

Back-To-School: Ways to Make Lockers Functional & Fab!

You know you’ve found something pretty awesome when you start wishing you had a locker…. as an adult! :) LockerLookz, a company dedicated to making that tiny space students call home (when they’re at school), has amazing stuff to help make that space inviting, organized, and awesome! ¬†Chandeliers for the ceiling, shag carpet for the bottom, wallpaper for the walls & door, curtains for the outside, and magnets, bins, mirrors, …….they have it all! ¬†Of course – If you’re strapped for cash – you can make a few items from the inspiration!

Magnets!!!!! Stay organized!

A valance for the top of the locker!

Magnetic Locker Bins….Lime Green Zebra print, rhinestone-studded….. perfect for pencils!


Polka Dot Pandemonium! This completed model has magnetic cubbies, message boards, wallpaper, and a “bead-like” curtain at the top!


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